Wussten Sie schon: Dass alle vor 1995 produzierten Fenster technisch völlig veraltet sind?

The large range of GAYKO windows

For perfect thermal insulation

More light, more style, more thermal insulation

Solid quality for today's people

GAYKO sliding doors
A dream of unlimited space, light and freedom.

Freedom to move without barriers

Individual window types

Windows are not simply windows

Each person has a personal style that is visible in everything he shapes. Windows are an important part of the appearance of a building's façade and create the interior atmosphere more than virtually every other item. GAYKO can offer a comprehensive range of window types and design styles. Each line is based on matching features - from the solid basic model to the comfort solution - and can be upgraded at any time with special features and high-quality accessories.

Which type of window suits you?

GAYKO windows stand out for their excellent resistance to weather, corrosion, fading and ageing. With their high-quality finish they are easy to clean and never need to be painted. That is not only a practical benefit; over the years it also saves significant costs.

With GAYKO you are selecting a leading and internationally recognized manufacturer of complete window systems. With a whole range of matching technical innovations such as GAYKOESP, GAYKOGVS, GAYKOTGS, GAYKOEDS and GAYKOFUSION, GAYKO has developed a generation of windows that sets standards. GAYKO does not have a standard product, but exclusive window types tailored to your wishes and the constructional requirements of your house.


GAYKO gives you top performance, starting with the comfort range