Wussten Sie schon: Dass alle vor 1995 produzierten Fenster technisch völlig veraltet sind?


Windows with a backbone

If you’re placing windows nowadays, you shouldn’t do without with the patented ESP extra strong frame screw system from GAYKO. Today's modern windows have to meet increased demands on thermal insulation, sound insulation and security. Multiple glazing is the predominant solution. That means a greater weight of the glass panes and therefore almost three times the weight of the sash! With its reinforced construction, GAYKOESP ensures great stability and strength. Even in future.


No-compromise security

The GAYKOGVS opposing lock bolt system is a milestone in security technology. It gives you years of reliable service when opening and closing the window, even if it’s a heavy sash. GAYKO windows with GAYKOGVS offer considerably higher security than conventional windows, even with fewer locking points, whilst at the same time improving the movement characteristics of the window sash.


Thermal breaks

The window doesn’t only lose heat through the glass. The edge bond and the frame form cold bridges that provide for unfavourable thermal currents – the consequences are often the condensation of water and the formation of mould. In the GAYKOTGS, the steel core is separated thermally into two halves and all cold bridges are avoided.



Well-thought-out thermal insulation

With GAYKO ‘warm edge’, the losses in the edge bond of the panes is reduced to a minimum. The ‘warm edge’ reliably prevents the formation of a cold bridge here. The surface of the glass retains the same temperature at the edge as, for example, in the middle.



The new corner design system

GAYKOEDS is an exclusive corner design system that evokes the manual mortice work in wood-frame windows. With your choice of a wood-pattern finish, it looks just like a wooden window. A picture-perfect detail appreciated by lovers of living in style.


Strength of design in the details

GAYKOFUSION are aluminium facings firmly bonded to the PVC sections. With their carefully joined right-angles they ensure an exclusive appearance and can be combined very successfully with GAYKOEDS.

Gayko technology - intelligent solutions that pay for themselves!