Wussten Sie schon: Dass alle vor 1995 produzierten Fenster technisch völlig veraltet sind?

Up-to-date sound insulation-high quality of life

Hear only yourself breathing

Over 90% of Germans  feel inconvenienced by noise. Crowds of people, traffic noise, stressful work situations - the world around us is become louder all the time. Effective insulation from sound gives you the assurance that you can relax and switch off at home. Behind these windows, what you hear is simple - nothing.


Certified sound insulation technology

Leave the world outside

The human body already begins to react with increased stress to values above 40 dB, such as can be found in offices. Constant traffic noise is a source of continuous stress. Increasing sound insulation by as little as 4 decibels cuts street noise in half! When noise becomes a problem, the certified, sound-insulating windows from GAYKO are the solution.


Shrewd modernization

Saving are best achieved quietly

Sound insulated windows can be combined very well with the energy-saving thermal insulation system from GAYKO. Replacing old windows is an excellent opportunity to make improvements in this area too, and to relieve the pressure on your purse with long-term energy savings.


Service - installation guarantee

We are here for you ...

for all questions on the subject of windows and doors. GAYKO's specialist partners will give you competent and comprehensive advice about our products, determine your requirements and provide an individual quotation for your building project. With respect to installation, GAYKO's specialist partners can offer a skilled service, from taking to on-time delivery and installation of the windows. Whether you are planning a new building, modernising, or restoring an older building in the proper style - with GAYKO you have found a reliable partner.


GAYKO supplies: sound insulation, thermal insulation and security - all in one