Wussten Sie schon: Dass alle vor 1995 produzierten Fenster technisch völlig veraltet sind?

Save energy

Save up to 40 % of energy costs immediately

If you bank on a universally innovative insulation of your building shell, you can strongly reduce your dependence on oil and gas prices. This is achieved firstly by replacing old windows. Most of them are insufficiently insulated, technically outdated and, after decades of use, not fully functional. The consequence: expensive heating energy is lost through the windows.

Insulated glazing

High efficiency: High-tech insulating glass units

In windows intended to provide optimal thermal insulation, the glazing plays an important role. GAYKO already offers you very good high-tech insulated glazing with a Ug value of 1.1 W/(m²K) in the standard version. With Gayko Super insulating glass units you get the best values of all: The triple pane argon gas-filled construction achieves the outstanding Ug value of 0.5 W/(m2K), which makes it suitable even for passive houses.

Window modernizing now!

Old windows burn up your money!

What many people aren't aware of: not only old single-glazed windows but also wood, aluminium and PVC windows with old double glazing made before 1995 burn away your money! If you systematically install innovative building insulation you can significantly reduce your energy costs. Over 40 % of the heat lost by a house is accounted for by the old windows! And that is despite the fact that just 8.2 % of the building's surface area is window area.

Warmth and comfort

Brilliant double impact

Noticeably warmer in winter and pleasantly cool in summer - the best seat in your home will be the seat by the window. Block out the heat and the cold with a highly insulating glass unit! With modern insulated glazing, cold and draughts will be felt as little in the cold seasons as will overheated rooms when it's hot outside. So that your new windows are a pleasure at all times of the year ...

Zero-energy house | passive house

Fit for the future.

A passive house excels in providing a high level of comfort and a very low energy consumption. The energy produced without extra heating (occupants, lights, electrical appliances etc.) is virtually sufficient to keep the building warm. The zero-energy house even goes a step further. With GAYKOPASSIV you are on the right route to equip your passive or zero-energy house optimally and achieve the highest levels of energy efficiency.


Advice - installation - guarantee

We are here for you ...

for all questions on the subject of windows and doors. GAYKO's specialist partners will give you competent and comprehensive advice about our products, determine your requirements and provide an individual quotation for your building project. As regards installation, GAYKO's specialist partners can offer a skilled service, from taking the measurements up to on-time delivery and installation of the windows. Whether you are planning a new building, modernising, or restoring an older building in the proper style - with GAYKO you have found a reliable partner.

Did you know: that all windows manufactured before 1995 are ENERGY GOBBLERS?